Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Undocumented Getopt::Long::Configure feature

Getopt::Long has a Configure() function to let you customize its parsing behaviour, e.g. whether or not to be case-sensitive, whether or not unknown options are passed unmodified or generate an error, etc. However, this customization is global: it affects every piece of code using Getopt::Long.

Since I use Getopt::Long in a utility module, which might conflict with the module user using Getopt::Long along with my module, I need to localize my Configure() effect. I was about to submit an RT wishlist ticket pertaining to this, but some quick checking revealed that Configure() already has this feature.

Configure() returns an arrayref containing all the current options. If you pass this arrayref to it, it will set all the options. This way, you can save and restore options.

Thanks to the Getopt::Long author, Johan Vromans, who apparently has maintained this module since 1990!

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