Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Using Org format to document code

My most recent hacktivity includes preparing Org::Export::Pod and Org::Export::Text (both not yet ready) following Org::Export::HTML. I am planning to document source code (currently just for functions) using Org as the master format instead of POD. From Org, I'll be exporting to various target formats, including POD itself, inserted to modules' source code in the build process using a simple Dist::Zilla plugin.

Now why Org? First and foremost, obviously because I use Emacs, and the last few months I've migrated practically all of my notes/todolists/addressbooks to this format. Also, it's visually nicer to look at than POD when it comes to things like headings and lists. Org also supports tables (I understand that there's an extension to POD that supports tables too, but I imagine it will not be as easy to write?). BTW, among other lightweight markup languages, Markdown Extra also supports tables with an equally nice syntax.

A couple of concerns for Org. First, writing literal examples is a bit more cumbersome. Where in Pod or Markdown or most Wiki format you only need to indent to go verbatim, in Org you need to enclose with #+BEGIN_SRC ... #+END_SRC or prepend each line with ": ". But I've come to accept it.

Second is parser support in other languages. Since I envision ultimately my function specs is to be processed by other languages too, it would be nice if there are support for the document parser in these languages, including for Javascript and PHP. In this regard, Markdown seems to be a win.

But hey, Org is still readable as-is, and currently nothing beats Org-mode for writing notes. So Org FTW!

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