Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Custom dumping *in* Data::Dump

After blogging about my small patch to Data::Dump, I contacted Gisle Aas. He is quite responsive and finally comes up with a new release (1.16) of Data::Dump containing the cool new filter feature. My previous example after converted to use the new feature becomes:

$ perl -MData::Dump=dumpf -MDateTime -e'dumpf(DateTime->now, sub { my ($ctx, $oref) = @_; return unless $ctx->class eq "DateTime"; {dump=>qq([$oref])} })'

This filter mechanism is quite generic and allows you to do some other tricks like switching classes, adding comments, and ignore/hide hash keys. The interface is also pleasant to work with, although starting with this release the "no OO interface" motto should perhaps be changed to "just a little bit of OO interface" :-)

Aren't we glad that stable and established modules like this are still actively maintained and getting new features.

Thanks, Gisle!

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