Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Four months after...

Four months ago I joined the Iron Man challenge. So what have I done and what did I get out of this?

What I have done: wrote several new Perl modules. I didn't feel like I have enough things to say (that's why I set up the blog as "Perl Indonesia" and invited others to join instead of "Steven Haryanto's Perl Adventure"), and I still don't, really. So I write more code instead, and post about them.

The modules are typically small, ones which I can finish in one or two sittings. The ideas for these modules usually have been floating in my head for some time, but since they are trivial enough I have never gotten around to write them. The blogging challenge changed that.

Some of the other modules actually come from code I have written, in one form or another, but have not been properly packaged. Dist::Zilla changed that, as it lowers the cost of maintaining and releasing Perl distributions. Thanks, RJBS!

What I get: joy and satisfaction that I am actively doing something for Perl.

All in all, Ironman is a great idea and a good cause. I encourage everybody to keep blogging and writing.

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