Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

Some Indonesian-specific modules to check SIM, NPWP, NIK

Today for some reason I finally got motivated enough to write and release Business-ID-{NIK,SIM,NPWP} to CPAN. Been wanting to for years, but haven't got around to it due to lack of challenge and, more importantly, reference. For example, so far I haven't found a publicly available and authoritative document explaining the numbering scheme and the valid area codes for the SIM. I had to do some deducing (read: guessing) from some thousands of actual user-submitted SIM, NPWP, and NIK/KTP numbers (some of them most certainly bogus). Isn't it sad?

If you encounter some valid numbers being rejected by the modules, or vice versa, feel free to report them as bugs.

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