Selasa, 03 November 2009

Creating shortcuts for long Perl module names

My main interface with the computer is the shell, the terminal, the keyboard. Thus I love shortcuts. My .bash_profile is littered with one- and two-letter shortcuts like:

alias m='mplayer -fixed-vo -osdlevel 3'
alias mn='mplayer -fixed-vo -osdlevel 3 -nosound'
alias m11='m -speed 1.1'
alias m12='m -speed 1.2'
alias m20='m -xy 2'
alias m21='m20 -speed 1.1'

And when aliases are not enough, because they do not work outside the shell (like in KDE's mini commander), I create scripts. My ~/bin is also littered with alias commands like:

# k
exec konsole "$@"

As well as my homedir, project directories, and the whole filesystem ornamented with short symlinks to here and there.

$ ln -s public p
$ ln -s proj/perl pp
$ ln -s sites/steven.builder.localdomain/www .

When I have long Perl module names like Spanel::API::Account::Shared, Spanel::API::Account::XenVPS, I would also like to create shortcuts for these.

There are several modules to do this. I ended up using Package::Alias because I like the interface. Other ones I tried include aliased and namespace::alias.

Suppose I want to create a shortcut of SAAS for Spanel::API::Account::Shared (which can export foo). All I need to do is:

# in
use Spanel::API::Account::Shared;
use Package::Alias 'SAAS'=>'Spanel::API::Account::Shared';

Now aside from these:

$ perl -MSpanel::API::Account::Shared -e'Spanel::API::Account::Shared::foo()'
$ perl -MSpanel::API::Account::Shared=foo -e'foo()'

All of below work too:

$ perl -MSAAS -e'Spanel::API::Account::Shared::foo()'
$ perl -MSAAS -e'SAAS::foo()'
$ perl -MSAAS=foo -e'foo()'

My fingers thank Joshua Keros, the author of Package::Alias.

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